The RIBCRAFT Advantage

RIBCRAFT builds every boat to perform in the worst of conditions. RIBCRAFT’s trademark deep V hull, full length lifting strakes, and pronounced bow sheer combine with a multi chambered heavy duty Hypalon® tube to deliver unsurpassed performance, stability, buoyancy and an unrivaled dry ride. All of this delivers the essential rough weather handling you demand to get you to your destination safely and comfortably. Open clutter free decks, oversized handholds, seating designed to provide optimal support and safety, and console configurations to put controls electronics, and communication equipment easily at your fingertips allow you to concentrate at the job at hand and not on the boat. Functionally simple and technologically advanced, everything about a RIBCRAFT RIB is professional grade.


Long considered one of the safest ways of transporting people and equipment, a RIBCRAFT offers unparalleled performance and safety by incorporating a conventional solid fiberglass hull with an inflatable tube for increased buoyancy, stability, and overall performance.


Designed with professionals in mind, a RIB with its aggressive deep V hull and heavy duty Hypalon tube delivers a more responsive, stable, smooth and dry ride in rough offshore conditions than hard sided boats.

Mission Specific

At RIBCRAFT we understand each owner, agency, department, and organization has its own unique set of needs and requirements. As such, every boat is built to order. With a host of options, seating configurations, and engine choices, every boat is built for the mission as opposed to tailoring the mission to the boat.

Professional Grade

Designed with professionals in mind and built in the United States to the highest commercial standards, RIBCRAFT places great emphasis on durability and quality craftsmanship of each and every boat. With multi-chambered Hypalon tubes, reinforced hulls and pressure relief valves, RIBCRAFT RIBs are built for 24/7 commercial use regardless of the customer.

Customer Service

RIBCRAFT prides itself on working closely with the customer to understand their specific requirements. You need your boat to be 100% whenever you’re called to the water, that’s why RIBCRAFT is committed to our customers throughout the life of the vessel always ready to assist with any service needs.