Whether it’s a routine patrol or a late night emergency call, we know you don’t have the luxury of picking a calm day to head out on the water. We know what it means to have to go out when the seas are too rough for most small craft, when it’s pitch black, or just plain nasty.

You need a boat that’s ready to go when you are. A boat with the features and options you want and none of the ones you don’t. You can’t compromise and shouldn’t have to. RIBCRAFT doesn’t just meet these expectations, they define them.

RIBCRAFT changes the way in which you get out on the water – making easy and safe work of seas that other’s can’t. Designed specifically as surf rescue craft and offshore fast response vessels, RIBCRAFT offers RIBs and inflatable boats ranging in size from 14’ to 41’.

No two departments are the same. That’s why RIBCRAFT builds every boat around the specific mission requirements of each department allowing you to customize your patrol or rescue craft to your mission and not the other way around.

Safety and functionality is built into every boat we build. Forward positioned consoles for improved visibility and large open decks. Oversized handholds wherever you need them. Semi active tube design for improved stability. Heavy duty Hypalon tube built for reliability and longevity. Multi chambered tubes with triple bonded seams and with pressure relief valves. High bow sheer and aggressive deep V hull for improved rough water handling.

“We were one of the first boats there and it wasn’t until we slowed down that we realized just how rough it was out there. The way the boat cut through the water made it an easy ride.”

- Vermont State Police

“The RIB has dramatically increased our capabilities and has become a pivotal component of our water response plan. We chose the right boat for our mission and the right boat for quality, workmanship and service.”

- Carver Fire

“It’s a perfect rescue boat. We were just out in some rough seas, and it felt like a sturdy work boat. It’s a good thing it performs well in rough weather [because] we’re not going to be out there in ideal conditions. It’s well built and I can’t say enough as far as quality. Our RIBCRAFT 5.85 is a safe boat, one the crew can be confident in.”

- Ipswich Fire

A few of our satisfied customers

  • Amsterdam Fire Department
  • Berkshire County Sheriff
  • Boston Fire Department
  • Charlestown Rescue
  • Chicago Park District
  • Clinton First Aid & Rescue
  • Decatur Police Department
  • Delaware State Police
  • Edgartown Harbormaster
  • Elizabeth Fire Department
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission
  • Ipswich Fire Department
  • Key Biscayne Police Department
  • Kingston Harbormaster
  • Lamoine Fire Department
  • Lowell Police Department
  • Ocean Rescue Systems
  • Maine Marine Patrol
  • Middletown Fire Department
  • New Jersey Fish & Wildlife
  • New York Power Authority
  • North Oldham Fire Department
  • Norfolk Airport Authority
  • Pender County Sheriff
  • Point Pleasant Beach First Aid
  • Portsmouth Fire Department
  • Shrewsbury Fire Department
  • Spotsylvania County Sheriff
  • The Trustees of Reservation
  • Vermont State Police
  • West Palm Beach Fire Department
  • Westport Police Department
  • York Fire & Rescue