September 26, 2018

RIBCRAFT Continues to Deliver RIBs to the Sailing Community

RIBCRAFT Continues to Deliver RIBs to the Sailing Community. As the leading manufacturer of professional grade rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) for sailing programs and yacht clubs, RIBCRAFT reaffirms their commitment to sailing programs and race committees by delivering coach and safety boats around the world.

Marblehead, MA, September 2018 - RIBCRAFT offers professional grade support and coach boats that meet clubs’ needs for high quality, commercially built boats that are versatile, durable, and safe. RIBCRAFT reaffirms their commitment to building professional grade coach and support boats with dozens of deliveries during the 2018 season.

The Corinthian Yacht Club, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Sandy Bay Yacht Club, College of William & Mary, Pequot Yacht Club, Ithaca Yacht Club, Beverly Yacht Club and Toms River Yacht Club are just a few of the clubs that took delivery of RIBCRAFT boats this year.

New deliveries included the 4.8 Coach and 5.85 models. The only boat designed and built specifically for junior sailing coaches, the RIBCRAFT 4.8 features a forward positioned console providing improved visibility, close proximity to sailors, and a large open deck for marks and gear. The RIBCRAFT 5.85 is ideal for coaching and race management. This 19’ RIB is the perfect all-purpose cross-over boat whether you are coaching junior sailors, setting marks, or umpiring.

In addition to new boat sales, RIBCRAFT offers pre-owned boats to serve the needs of growing programs. Working with existing customers to rotate their fleets, a fleet rotation program keeps capital costs down while insuring a fleet of reliable support boats. RIBCRAFT’s professional grade RIBs hold a strong resale value and will continue to serve their second owners for many years to come.

As the sport of sailing continues to change and evolve, yacht clubs and sailing programs are understanding the benefits of reliable support boats. The need for a versatile platform is becoming essential – coaches and race committee officials need a highly maneuverable and seaworthy boat that also has ample work space while providing safety no matter the conditions, and the professionals are all turning to RIBs.

RIBCRAFT, the world leader in coach and support boats has all your program and race management needs covered – whether you are looking for an all-purpose platform for coaching beginners or a seaworthy all weather boat for setting marks, RIBCRAFT RIBs are perfectly suited for the wear and tear of race committee work and junior sailing programs. Durable, safe and functional, RIBCRAFT’s professional grade construction stands up to the hard and frequent use of yacht clubs and junior sailing programs.

RIBCRAFT designs and builds safe, durable, performance oriented rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that fulfill the most demanding professional and recreational applications. A leading manufacturer of professional grade RIBs and inflatables for yacht clubs, safety professionals, military agencies, and recreational boaters throughout the world, RIBCRAFT offers vessels start at 15', capable of fulfilling most any mission. www.RIBCRAFTUSA.com

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