June 12, 2018

RIBCRAFT Delivers Four new RIBs to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club

RIBCRAFT Delivers Four new RIBs to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club. As the leading manufacturer of professional grade rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) for sailing programs and yacht clubs, RIBCRAFT continues to support the sailing community by delivering coach and safety boats to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club.

Greenwich, CT June 2018 - Indian Harbor Yacht Club added four new boats to their fleet in 2018 – two 19' RIBCRAFT 5.85's and two 15' RIBCRAFT 4.8 Coach boats. The club uses their fleet of RIBs, ranging in size from 15-21', throughout their extended sailing season for coaching junior sailors and running races. Joel Labuzetta, Waterfront Director at Indian Harbor Yacht Club comments "Our fleet of RIBCRAFT RIBs allows us to safely and comfortably deliver our programming and racing regardless of the conditions."

The new RIBCRAFT 5.85's will be used as a cross-over boat by both the adult sailing program as well as race management. These boats feature a T-top, forward tow post, a pair of transom bollards, flag holders, and a reinforced tube at the bow. According to Labuzetta, "With the layout of the new 5.85’s, we’ve been able to use the same asset for what was previously two boats. The 5.85 easily handles markset, support and coaching for small keelboats, and serves as a 6-person launch on busy race days."

The two RIBCRAFT 4.8 Coach boats are intended for the junior sailing and high school programs. "The 4.8's are unbeatable for dinghy coaching and offer a great platform for our Junior Program" says Labuzetta. This model, designed and built specifically for junior sailing coaches, features a forward positioned console providing improved visibility, close proximity to sailors, and a large open deck for marks and gear.

The two RIBCRAFT 4.8 Coach boats replace two older RIBs in the fleet. Like other clubs, Indian Harbor Yacht Club has instituted a fleet rotation program in which they replace boats every 10 years, this allows them to keep their capital costs down while insuring they have a new and reliable fleet of support boats. Labuzetta comments, "We’ve found the boats to be extremely durable and because of this they have held strong resale value even after 10 years in our fleet." This continuous rotation ensures the Club can trust and depend on their fleet.

Indian Harbor Yacht Club is also one of several clubs to take advantage of RIBCRAFT's extensive service program. As part of their semi-annual service contract, RIBCRAFT pressure tests, inspects, and addresses any potential wear and tear to insure the boats are ready to perform each season. Regular fleet maintenance allows for reliability and maintains the boats value.

Indian Harbor Yacht Club is pleased with the relationship the club has developed with RIBCRAFT over the last ten years. "In addition to the end product, we also love the feedback that RIBCRAFT gives us throughout each boat’s build and delivery. Transparency on the process along with frequent updates gives us the confidence that we’re getting the best product available."

As the sport of sailing continues to change and evolve, yacht clubs and sailing programs are understanding the benefits of reliable support boats. The need for a versatile platform is becoming essential - coaches and race committee officials need a highly maneuverable and seaworthy boat that also has ample work space while providing safety no matter the conditions. The professionals are all turning to RIBs and the Indian Harbor Yacht Club continues to turn to RIBCRAFT to expand and maintain their fleet of RIBs.

RIBCRAFT designs and builds safe, durable, performance oriented rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that fulfill the most demanding professional and recreational applications. A leading manufacturer of professional grade RIBs and inflatables for yacht clubs, safety professionals, military agencies, and recreational boaters throughout the world, RIBCRAFT offers vessels starting at 15', capable of fulfilling most any mission. www.ribcraftusa.com

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