July 15, 2004

RIBCRAFT Customer Saves Drowning Woman’s Life

Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA July 15, 2004 - Marblehead resident and RIBCRAFT customer, Jim Bryant, rescued a drowning woman out of Marblehead harbor on a late July night using his own RIBCRAFT 7.8 Mitigator.

Sitting on his porch overlooking Marblehead harbor late one night, RIBCRAFT customer Jim Bryant heard what sounded like a cat’s cry coming from the darkness. Faint at first, the sound grew louder and more frequent until it became distinct enough that Bryant thought he heard a word. He immediately sprung up, told his wife to call the police and ran to his dock where his customized RIBCRAFT Mitigator was moored.

Even before starting the Honda 225 outboard engine, Bryant illuminated the harbor with the Mitigator’s high powered remote spot light that is mounted above all on board on the A Frame, which also supports the craft’s communications and navigation antennas, deck and navigation lights, as well as integrated towing bollards. As he pulled away from the dock with his spot light effectively scanning the water and his underwater magnifying lights illuminated, he quickly located two hands barely clinging to a trawler’s swim platform. As he came along side the boat, the woman appeared to be suffering from the affects of Hypothermia. After a few moments, Bryant finally convinced her to let go of the swim platform and so he could her lift her over the tubes and into the RIBCRAFT. As he tried to maintain a conversation with the victim in order to prevent her from loosing consciousness, he coordinated with the rescue professionals on land as to where to bring the victim and advised them on her physical status using the onboard communications system that integrates VHF, cell phone and satellite communications into a single easy to use interface. When he reached the dock, the paramedics and police were waiting with a stretcher ready to treat a woman suffering from the affects of Hypothermia. They quickly rushed her off to the hospital where she was treated and eventually released.

Fortunately for the woman, who was making her way back to her boat from a night out with friends in town when she fell off her dinghy, there was a Good Samaritan with easy access to a reliable rescue craft such as the RIBCRAFT Mitigator he owned.

The Mitigator line offered by RIBCRAFT is the first of its kind ever to be made available to recreational boaters. Launched in the fall of 2003, this highly customized 25’ rigid inflatable boat integrates multiple technologies, such as shock mitigating seats, an ergonomically designed console, and advanced integrated communication and navigation systems all of which were designed for combat and rescue operations, to improve the safety and effectiveness of those on board. Long a requirement for military and coast guard agencies around the world, RIBCRAFT now offers this same level of comfort, safety and performance to recreational boaters.


RIBCRAFT designs and builds technologically advanced RIBs for the most demanding military, commercial and rescue operations. Offering RIBs starting at 15’, RIBCRAFT’s commitment to operator safety and comfort is found in every craft built here in the United States. Focusing on the customer, RIBCRAFT enables them to customize the boat to the mission. www.ribcraftusa.com


Matthew Velluto, RIBCRAFT USA
781.639.9065 mvelluto@ribcraftusa.com

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